What trendy dress to wear this summer?

Dresses are a woman's best friend during the summer months. Being light and comfortable, it puts you at ease. All you have to do is choose your accessories and you can go to the office, the beach or to a party. The choice of the color and the model varies according to your look and your morphology.

What are the fashionable dresses this summer?

First of all, a wispy maxi dress like the Merci Maxi Dress is light to wear. When it's hot, this dress gives you style. The beige or blue maxi dress is reminiscent of the beach and fits the season. It is also available in green or black depending on your look. During the summer period, a sleeveless dress is ideal. Therefore, this long V- neck dress with artistic style is perfect for this summer. Then, if you like a short- sleeved dress, Kids Form has created a comfortable and soft little dress. This dress is an all over dress with a cut that makes it look great. For your comfort, it is flexible to wear at the office or at the beach. For girls who adopt a girly style, the short sleeve cotton dress gives you a casual and distinguished look at the same time.

What color to choose for your summer dress?

Generally, the summer dress is pastel colors. This summer, black or white dresses are very fashionable. For starters, wearing a black summer dress makes things easier for you because it can be your evening dress or your daytime outfit. Plus, it   is admired by all women. To bring out the beauty of the black dress this summer, your accessories should be well colored. Then the summer dress in white color is very classic. During the summer period, a white dress embroidered or a little transparent will be perfect. As for the length, you are free to choose according to your morphology.

Which dress to choose according to your morphology?

If you have an A shape, it is recommended that you wear a dress with volume at the top. A dress with puffed sleeves will balance your shoulders. The off-shoulder with frills will be beautiful. For V-shaped women, dresses with volume at the bottom will bring back the balance between their pelvis and shoulders. A flared dress is therefore recommended for women with shoulders wider than their bottoms. To highlight their tops, they can wear a bare back or a neckline. Finally, shirt dresses and structured dresses are the best solution for the H-shaped morphology.

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