What are the advantages of wearing sandals for our back?

Wearing sandals

Sandals are one of the most essential shoes in summer. You can find them anywhere on the beach or in the big cities. However, in order not to torture your feet, it is essential to find the best version. Before you wear sandals, you need to know their benefits for your back. That's what you'll find out here!

Sandals: versions

Throughout the summer, heat waves make the use of shoes uncomfortable. Therefore, it is very important to opt for a version that does not have foot pain. However, it's not always clear that trying on shoes will hurt you. The first principle is to try them on regularly just before you go to bed. Usually, your feet can swell for many hours and become tired. If the sandal versions fit you perfectly, they can still work for you. For the same reasons, the second principle is to avoid investing in sandals all winter long. Also, if you feel a little uncomfortable trying them on, it's best to take them to the store.

Benefits for the back

Some women are not in any case able to do without high heels. Indeed, to escape health difficulties such as back pain and aches, the altitude of the heel should not exceed 10 cm. If you have a special opportunity, you can of course put on high-heeled sandals, but surely not every day. The recommended height is between 4 cm and 7 cm. This way, the heels match the arch of the foot and offer women a natural and charming walk. For women who do not prefer high heels, they can discover sandals with a heel between 1 and 3 cm, but escape the completely flat shoes to get rid of circulation difficulties. Thus, a better solution is to prioritize wedge and platform sandals.

Sandals adapted to the shape of the foot

In order to choose the right sandals, the final focus is on fit. Be aware that not all chic sandals are suitable for all women. If you have a fat ankle and/or a strong   calf, don't choose spartan sandals with laces that go across your ankles. If you have a Greek foot (i.e., your second toe is larger than the others), it is better not to wear sandals with a buckle on your thumb. This would not enhance your foot! On the other hand, if your feet are wide and/or flat, you should choose shoes with small heels.

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