Advice on bikini according to your morphology!

Jersey that suits you

Depending on your body type, it seems difficult to know which swimsuit fits you and which one is right for you! Therefore, lingerie websites offer an overview of all body types and expert advice on how to choose a swimsuit and how to keep your body comfortable on the beach or in the pool.

8-shaped and V-shaped silhouette

8-shaped Silhouette 

If you have a slim waist with rounded hips, you have a body type called "8" or "hourglass". Your lines are harmonious and your skin is proportionate.


If you want to lengthen your legs, choose a low-cut bikini bottom, such as shorts that are too tight or boxers which tend to compress your shape and thicken your legs. Avoid triangle or drop bras if you have full breast. Choose balconies that will enhance your breast.

V shape 

You have slim hips and broad shoulders, so you have a "V" shape. Your shape is more masculine, so the goal is to hide your shoulders to enhance your slender hips and legs.


Avoid one-piece swimsuit that accentuate the shoulders more. For a two-piece swimsuit, opt for a classic bra with a plunging neckline, triangular shape that matches the original panties, patterned or with ruffles, which will rebalance your silhouette and firm up your hips.

H and O shape

H-shaped silhouette

The hips and shoulders are approximately the same width and the waist is very thin. Your swimsuit is then supposed to feminize your shape and reshape that waist. Tips The trick is to make your shape more glamorous. As for the patterns, it  is better not to choose horizontal prints widening the shape, rather than geometric and graphic prints enhancing the shape.

O-shaped silhouette

You are round, your waist and your belly are not very pronounced and you have full breast, your silhouette must be in "O-shape".


Of course, the bikini is not recommended, because it does not support the chest or the shape. In any case, try to enhance your breasts with V-necklines. Instead, opt

for one-piece styles that will transform your figure. For a two-piece swimsuit, select a bra that enhances your chest with high-waisted covers that flatter your waist.

A-frame silhouette

If you have narrow shoulders, wide hips and a narrow waist, your shape is "A".


Opt for bandeau shapes with a bra pattern that will enhance your small breasts.

For the bottom, it is better to do in the classic: absolutely avoid the prints not to insist too much on the hips and prefer a panty cover heart low enough to balance your body.

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