Which sunglasses to choose for a teenager?

Teenagers' glasses

It's kind of fun to do some shopping and try on the latest sunglasses. There is no fashion accessory better than this one to enhance a look you want to adapt in summer. If you are a teenager looking for the right model, you should know that it   is quite difficult to choose well. But which sunglasses are right for you?

Sunglasses models

When shopping for sunglasses, it's often tempting to find the most fashion- forward shapes and frames. However, this approach can backfire when styles change (often quickly) and the styles that were stylish when you bought them are now old and out of style. Sometimes a good approach is to find variations on classic styles, such as new versions of aviators, classic rounds or wrap-around styles. Size is also important. Your teen sunglasses styles should fit your head comfortably and will need to have lenses that are not as large or small. This is a better way to keep the glasses fashionable for the future.

Choice of lenses

Polycarbonate lenses are a better choice for your teenage sunglasses. This is especially true for used models as well as special sports models. Because of this, polycarbonate lenses can offer better lightweight comfort, built-in UV protection

and impact resistance for your safety. Don't opt for other lens materials without discussing all the safety risks with your eye care expert. The choice of darkness and color of your sunglass lenses depends on your personal preference, to some extent. The best choice will depend on the kind of lighting conditions you will generally encounter when you wear the sunglasses. The optician can also recommend the best tints for specific sports.

Notions to be respected

It's a winter or autumn cloudy day, you can wear prescription glasses and wear your UV lenses.                                              UV rays are often less intense during the winter (depending on the altitude). However, they can still be harmful. UV rays sometimes penetrate clouds, so protective styles are important even on cloudy, or overcast days. For teens who wear this style of eyewear, get a pair of prescription sunglasses as well or choose photochromic lenses.

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