Teens: where to find t-shirts for TV fans?

Published on : 30 June 20212 min reading time

Polos and T-shirts

Essential and versatile, polo shirts and t-shirts complete outfits with refinement and simplicity. Discover a variety of long and short sleeve tees and polo shirts with simple knit details for men and women.

T-shirts for series fans

One piece of fashion, two systems of living and endless possibilities. You will discover the essential fashions, embodied by twin sisters full of personality. It is no coincidence that the dynamic and synthetic argument that has always been our goal was initiated by great philosophers like Plato and Socrates and continues to this day. How can fashion escape the law of attraction? Especially in an age of fragmentation like today, characterized by speed and instability and in which we are constantly looking for solid common ground and a new balance. In response to this constant search for these strong and trustworthy values, the Italian brand Brunello Cucinelli has created a beautiful collection in its companies.

Find t-shirts

It is the search for a personality that is both different and unique, like that of the twin sisters, that guides the creation of this collection. These different handmade cashmere pieces are suitable for all styles and many opportunities encountered by today’s women. They can be worn in the city as well as in the country, at work as well as for the passions of everyday life. The versatility of this collection is demonstrated by the complexity of the variations, crystal by crystal, looking for an anomaly in the old collection made in Italy. All this in a refined elegance, authentic, almost whispering, realized in the manner of a symphonic opera whose harmony comes from the juxtaposition of opposite notes.

T-Shirt trend

City vibe for an active lifestyle: handmade cashmere cardigan with geometric prints paired with a pastel pink striped shirt, ribbed turtleneck sweater, sequined leather and python socks, and blue and brown patterned high-rise pants. One is subtle and elegant, the other is bold and free. What features do they have in common? A geometric cardigan in which light and dark colors blend skillfully with beige, camel and tobacco tones. Wear as a jacket, top with a midi skirt for a better look or wear houndstooth patterned pants.

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