What to do if your teenager dresses inappropriately?

It's embarrassing to dress up when other people are looking at you. Sooner or later, you have to find time to look good, and choose what suits your figure best. In addition to the complexes that are difficult to get rid of, the following article helps to prepare your costumes.

Behaviors to show to teenagers

Guiding your child does not give you permission to do what he or she wants. During adolescence, curiosity and threat should be limited, as they anger the adolescent. Discussion is easy after the problem has occurred, not at the beginning of the plot. For example, telling a teenager that he or she is underdressed for college doesn't matter. First of all, it is necessary to talk calmly about this subject, without ordering him to do this or that. The best thing is to reason with them without blaming them. The parent has the possibility to look at fashion catalogs; and give his opinion on how to dress. Choose the right moment to discuss face to face. The most important thing for a teenager is not to put him/her down and ridicule his/her clothes.

How to resist the gothic and bimbo look?

The situation varies according to age. The most distressing are the piercings all over the bodies. Indeed, young teenagers are preoccupied with their bodies, especially in terms of clothing and make-up. However, this emphasis on beauty does not expose them to danger. Maintaining the family bond can stop this risk. For young girls wearing very short skirts, it is urgent to protect them; without telling them bad things like the expression: you are wrong. They have to be aware of the reactions of other people, who put them in danger.

Can parents control the look of their teenagers?

The answer to that question is no. You just have to check their outfits and educate them. If they are opposed to your ideas, they will run away. You can go shopping together, but that's not going to fix things. This is often the conflict, which the psychologist advises any parent to avoid. Parents know that during this period, they do not deprive themselves of the love of their children, but of their intimacy. In all, psychologist Virginie Dumont says that it is wonderful to raise teenagers, as they will become adults. During this time of upheaval, parents need to be present. If teenagers are boring, they are healthy.

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