Sneakers: chic and sporty!


Sneakers have become the must-have shoes in your wardrobe. Practical, comfortable and trendy, they have the advantage of being integrated in all your daily styles. How to choose and wear your sneakers to have a chic sporty look?


For a long time, the sneakers were shoes intended for sports, but today they have become an essential fashion accessory for everyday life. Indeed, these shoes are both original, classy and casual.

Then, the sneakers are very comfortable. No more blisters in leather shoes with rigid assemblies. They lend themselves to all shapes of feet. Moreover, thanks to their flexibility, they ensure ease of movement.

In addition, the sneakers are very light shoes because their sole is often made of rubber or foam. These materials are widely used in sports shoes to create cushioning and stable soles. Sneakers are also available in different colors, which allows you to add a touch of color to your outfit.

Choosing the right model

To look both chic and sporty, it is important to choose the right model to buy. You have first the mythical sneakers mainly designed to walk in the streets. This model does not stop knowing relooking. The mythical sneakers are among the most popular models. They are all-purpose shoes.

Then, you will have the running sneakers which are adapted to the constraints of the city. They are ideal for everyday use. Sometimes, this model is only apparent and does not have all the technical characteristics of real running.

Finally, the bling-bling sneaker have entered the luxury fashion. They combine a streetwear look with shiny finishes.

Cut of your sneaker

Sneakers are available in different heights to suit everyone's taste. You can find the low, mid and high cut. The height plays an important role in the look you want to achieve. It is a matter of proportion and harmony. For example, you are not going to wear huge American-style sneakers if you are short. The high sneakers are

also not adapted to the round silhouettes. In this case, it is better to turn to low models.

If you are slim, you should choose sneakers that will add volume to your figure. Therefore, favor models with round toes in light colors, for example white. Details such as prints, scratches are also perfectly suited. For the androgynous silhouettes, the sneakers for running are not recommended, because they bring an even more masculine touch.

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