Can we be comfortable and chic at the same time?

Today, sportswear is all the rage, to an extent that even non-sporty people proudly wear them in town. Others even dare to wear them in the workplace. Indeed, it has the privilege of conferring both a casual and chic look to fashion aficionados.

The combination of chic and sport

It should be noted that chic can be attributed to any style of dress. Whether it is bohemian and rock'n'roll or other styles. In fact, this term describes the appearance that reflects the outfit of a person. So, it can be casual, trendy, unique or modern. In terms of dressing in sportswear, this style has previously been interpreted as simply the opposite of what is chic. It is seen as ordinary. What's more, some sportswear is seen over and over again. Fortunately, designers of different brands are not short of ideas. Indeed, a new trend in sportswear is unveiled. Although this one is not really a novelty since its first appearance dates back to the 18th century. It is about cashmere sportswear. To have an overview of the available ranges, the site is a passionate seller.

Cashmere, for sports use

Cashmere is synonymous with luxury, timeless style and quality. It is highly coveted for its soft and silky touch characteristics. In addition, this fabric is a good thermal insulator, ideal for winter periods. Moreover, it has a breathable effect. It is probably for this reason that many sports items are woven from this textile. These include casual wear such as cashmere sweaters, jogging pants, and many others. It should also be noted that there are also sneakers made from cashmere.

How to become sporty chic with cashmere?

One of the most famous combinations to look chic in sportswear is to combine dressier clothes such as a blazer or a coat with a jogging suit and a light sneaker. The latter is the essential piece for a successful sportswear look. Similarly, a light weight sweatshirt looks great with knit trousers. In addition, a sweatshirt or silk bomber with a branded bag just twists a style. Also, it's worth noting that the pieces listed above are from the collections. Other cashmere garments are  also available there, such as the hooded cardigan, suede outerwear, French terry and sneakers for sneaker fans.

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