How to dress a baby for the night in summer?

Dressing your newborn

Being so small, the newborn seems so fragile that it is not always easy to find the way to dress him. You are afraid that he is cold, or on the contrary to cover him too much. In summer, when the temperature soars and the heat wave hits, this issue becomes more sensitive.

Basic rules

To avoid any abnormalities for the newborn, it is recommended that the temperature of the baby's room remains around 19°C. This may seem a little cool, but it is also the ideal temperature for adults. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a high-quality thermometer to check the temperature in the baby's room for his well-being.

For safety reasons, it is not advisable for your baby to use quilts and blankets that are too warm. With hyper activity, there should be no danger of suffocation.

If the temperature in your baby's room is above 20 degrees, you may want to lighten your baby's clothes a bit to keep him or her from getting too cold or too hot. Replace the long-sleeved jumpsuit with a short-sleeved one and the terrycloth pajamas with a light one.

Use of natural products

First of all, use more natural materials that allow your baby's skin to breathe. Unlike synthetic materials that cause sweating and are prone to irritation, they can cause tingling and even the accentuation of dermatitis. Of course, there are cotton and bamboo materials. Bamboo fiber is very soft for the skin and has natural properties against bacteria. So many qualities make it a favorite material for babies in summer.

On the other hand, focus on light colors, such as yellow, blue and soft colors, they absorb a minimal amount of heat compared to other dark colors. This also applies to suggestions from other family members.

Number of diapers to wear

The last thing to know is what type and model of clothing to choose and how many diapers to wear if necessary. This often causes headaches for new parents, especially during the summer months. It is more practical to recommend to add for the baby an extra layer of clothing than adults.

When the heat wave hits and the thermometer goes above 30°C, parents want the newborn in diapers only. But generally, some babies don't like to be naked, they need to feel safe. Plus, if the baby sweats more than usual, he or she can catch a cold.

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