Fashion tips to look slimmer?

Clothing style

It is your clothing style that makes up your figure. Problems with your waist, legs,   or any part of your body will be solved by slimming tips. A touch of clothing will reduce your weight by 5 kilos. Highlight your assets by hiding your bulges with your clothes.

Look slimmer

In photos, girls can look thinner because of the angle of the shot and its pose. Apart from that, clothing plays an important role in your appearance. You can slim down your figure by choosing the right dress and the right slimming pants. If you have a large chest, you should emphasize it. From this fact, your silhouette will be elongated by wearing a neckline. Covering your whole body is not a good idea, so don't close the button near the neck when you put on a shirt. V-neck sweaters and cover-ups give you a nice chest. However, avoid wearing clothes that show your belly and back like tight tops. Frills make you look fat. Then as a fashion tip, don't wrap your scarf in a ball around your neck, it will widen your silhouette.

Colors that reduce the relief

Having fun with colors is also a simple technique to slim down your figure. To do this, wear dark colors such as navy blue, brown, black or dark gray on the parts of

the body you want to slim down. These colors reduce the relief and give you a slimmer appearance. Then for a simpler tip, put on a brightly colored top or shirt.  So, you'll wear a dark bottom with a brightly colored top to draw the eye to your upper body. And if you don't want the bulges in your back and stomach to show, wear a dark top with a punchy bottom.

Materials and cuts

It is important to choose an ideal cut whether for dresses, pants, shorts, or tops in order to have a slimmer silhouette. Opt for high waists, pleated skirts, or trapeze dresses. These pieces are suitable for everyone. Too tight and short tops amplify your waistline and your curves. A garment that is not too wide fits you perfectly. As for the material, satin, velvet and thick fabrics increase the volume and make you look fat. However, cotton, wool, silk and lighter pieces are recommended.

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