5 tips to dress sporty and chic

Published on : 30 June 20212 min reading time

To go to work, you don’t necessarily want to dress in a classic way. At the moment, the slightly casual and sporty style seems to be so popular, as you go out every day to work. Not only does it look good, but it also allows you to be fashionable while enjoying maximum comfort. How to combine sporty and chic styles in this case?

Playing a good balance of your clothes

If you want to look chic at work without wearing classy outfits, you need to start by playing the right balance with your outfit. You don’t want to overdo it or neglect anything. Stay feminine while still having character. This is ideal if you don’t want to go unnoticed without looking tacky.

Learn to pair the right clothes with the right accessories. For example, you should not wear two short pieces at the same time. The best is to combine a short piece with a long piece. For hair and makeup, be discreet. However, it also depends on your face and the season. In winter, you can let your hair down.

Take into account your morphology

It is difficult to dress well without taking into consideration your body type. Certainly, a tall person does not need the same clothes as a thin person. If you have some curves, prefer darker colors. Black is for example an all-purpose color. But if you want to be a little different, you can opt for other colors: brown, navy blue, etc. If you feel like wearing sneakers, avoid those that are discreet. And for the classy shoes, bet on the square heels. If you have a small size, dare the vintage. It will make you look good.

Is it possible to wear heels with a street style?

On social networks or on blogs, you certainly notice that many women are currently associating heels with sportswear. But is it beautiful to see such new habits? If you combine the right accessories, you will be the center of attention. For your little feet, you can wear sober pumps with a blazer jacket and half-classy half- casual pants like cargo. You can also prefer sandals which are less classy than pumps. However, avoid jewels that are too flashy. Wear a watch or a thin necklace.

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